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posted Jun 14, 2019, 7:49 AM by Obscure Geek

Porn Data and how it's used
There are 125 million daily visits to the Pornhub Network of sites, including YouPorn and Redtube, and 100 million of those are to Pornhub alone. (It’s widely acknowledged that Pornhub is the most popular porn site in the world although exact statistics on the industry are few and far between.)
To put into perspective how much content that is: In 2017, Pornhub transmitted more than the entire contents of the New York Public Library’s 50 million books combined. In money terms, the porn industry could have a bigger economic influence on the US than Netflix.
Revenue estimates are as high as $97 billion (Netflix brings in about $11.7 billion), and even trade publications can’t determine an accurate number because of privately held companies, rampant piracy, and discrepancies in porn studies.
However, there is one company that clearly dominates the industry: MindGeek.
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